Unique Flora decorative designer curtain

Handmade textile curtains feature unique designs in a variety of motifs, colours, shapes and dimensions. First, I make a study of the suitability of the chosen material for the desired effect and the implementation of the idea, and a number of tests are necessary. Once the basic elements are designed and produced, I balance the tensions and composition to achieve a harmonious balance. These innovative artistic creations catch the eye with their extravagant look and create an intimate home. Curtains can be made to customer’s specifications, as can the choice of colour and material.
Curtains with style.


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The subtle original beauty of the phenomenon of nature always captivates me. I am always transfixed by the splendour of the intertwining leaves that form beautiful patterns in the wind.The unique Flora decorative art curtain is made up of large and small leaf elements that intertwine in an intricate grid. With its subtle, unique look, the curtain brings a cosy and warm feeling of primordiality to a room, whether it is a business space or the intimacy of a home. It reveals the extravagant taste of the user. The panel is made of a quilted fabric that is light beige, almost white on one side and black on the other. It has a double cheek. It can be machine washed up to 30 degrees C, but only in a protective bag and without a spinner. Hand washing ensures a longer durability.The dimensions of this artificial textile creation are 172 x 100 cm and it is easy to install, with a rod guide at the top for a diameter of up to 2 cm. I offer custom-made production, click for Individual textile interior design and project design. Free of charge upon order I create a 3D visual simulation.