Golden and white decorative painting Sunbeam

The wall decoration adds energy and style to any ambience and creates a mood. The decor chosen on the wall complements the existing style of the interior and adds that special accent that changes the whole vibe of the room. The things you put on your walls are a reflection of your lifestyle and should capture your imagination. They can transport you to another world or remind you of what you find beautiful, funny. They can be a reason to start a conversation.


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The gold and white decorative painting Sun ray is an abstract image of the sun, a symbol of life, energy and a positive mood. The base canvas is pearl white with a subtle sun shine pattern. The sun ray elements are in different spiral shapes and are made of synthetic clay, then painted in shiny gold and pearl white. The image of the sun is asymmetrical, on one side the rays stretch out into the distance to penetrate space with their power. The sun has always been depicted as a symbol of power and clarity, giving us energy and showing us the way.
The dimensions of the painting are 70 x 50 x 3 cm.