Gold and white decorative painting Duality

The wall decoration adds energy and style to the ambience and creates a mood. The chosen wall décor complements the existing style of the interior and adds an accent that changes the overall vibe of the room. The things you put on your walls are a reflection of your lifestyle and capture your imagination. They can transport you to a fantasy world or remind you of what you find beautiful, funny,…Sometimes they are a reminder of places you’ve been or special people you’ve met. They can be a daily mantra or a reason to start an interesting conversation, which the Duality gold and white decorative painting certainly is.


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The gold and white decorative painting Duality, 70 x 50 x 3 cm, is an abstract image of light and darkness, static and movement and all the diametrical images of the cosmos. It is this omnipresent duality that reveals the experience of life in all its ordeal. The base canvas is pearl white with a stencilled abundance pattern. Running through this pattern are wave-shaped elements of artificial clay, half white and the rest gold, joined in the middle by a tiny heart element. It is two aspects of one reality, where one polarity makes the other possible to see at all.
The painting confronts us with the daily challenges of good and evil, it is a support for seeing and trusting in a higher purpose.