Elegant black T-shirt with sheer sleeves Mysti

The elegant black Mysti T-shirt with sheer sleeves has an avant-garde cut with minimalist lines, a veil on the sleeve and a sweetheart V-neck collar for a touch of femininity. NANDA’s unique clothing creates your style and make your mood, too. These are dresses of original design, made from quality materials that offer comfort and aesthetic pleasure. Textile stories.


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This elegant black T-shirt with sheer sleeves offers comfort for all the senses. The combination of different textures of black fabrics and the semi-sheer veil on the sleeve give a touch of solemnity. The raglan-cut wide sleeve is cleverly finished with a narrow elasticated patent, the transition from the wide to the narrow part of the sleeve is decorated with a tiny black and silver ribbon insert. The innovative collar is folded into a heart-shaped V at the front and back, giving a glamorous touch and emphasising sensuality. The unusual cut appeals to bold women who are not afraid of being noticed. The high-quality synthetic elasticated fabric ensures a pleasant feel on the skin and offers comfort throughout the day. It can be machine washed up to 40 degrees Celsius, with or without a gentle centrifuge. Hand washing ensures longer durability. Ironing on the inside is recommended, even up to 40 degrees Celsius.