Decorative painting Ocean of Love – 70 x 50 x 3 cm

The wall decoration adds energy and style to the ambience and creates a mood. The chosen wall décor complements the existing style of the interior and adds an accent that changes the overall vibe of the room. The things you put on your walls are a reflection of your lifestyle and capture your imagination. They can transport you to a fantasy world or remind you of what you find beautiful, funny,…Sometimes they are a reminder of places you’ve been or special people you’ve met. They can be a daily mantra or a reason to start an interesting conversation, Ocean of Love – 70 x 50 3 cm certainly is.


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Decorative painting Ocean of Love – 70 x 50 x 3 cm is an abstract image of the universal ocean of energy that creates the universe, reveals intuition, brings wisdom, health, peace in the heart and light. The base canvas is pearl white with a slight sheen and measures 70 x 50 cm. The individual elements of the spirals are made of synthetic clay and painted in a shimmering golden light colour. Arranged in a consecutive row, they form wave after wave, decorated with a tiny heart element as a symbol of cordiality. The painting is a support for trust in a higher purpose and tunes the space to the omnipresence of love, the energy that permeates all creation.