Decorative painting Golden Gate – Transcendence , 40 x 60 cm

The wall decoration adds energy and style to the interior and creates a mood. The chosen wall décor complements the existing style of the interior and adds an accent that changes the overall vibe of the room. The things you put on your walls are a reflection of your lifestyle and capture your imagination. They can transport you to fantasy world or remind you of what you find beautiful, funny,…Sometimes they are a reminder of places, of special people, they can be a daily mantra or a reason to start a conversation, the Golden Door decorative painting -transcendence it certainly is.


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The Golden Gate is an abstract image of transcendence and a glimpse of the third eye, which reveals intuition, brings wisdom, health, peace of heart and light. The base canvas is pearl white, 40 x 60 cm . The elements of the two curves, made as an abstraction of the female gender and/or the eye, are made of synthetic clay, then painted in shiny gold . Through the door we enter the centre of (our own) universe/universe, which is brought to life in the painting by the festive reflections of the glitter.