Comfortable and elegant black skirt with decorative ribbon at the front Ele

This comfortable, elegant black skirt with a decorative ribbon at the front Ele has a sensually ascetic cut on the A line. It simplicity allows for many combinations with different colours and also with different footwear. NANDA’s unique clothing creates your style and make your mood, too. These are dresses of original design made of quality materials that offer comfort and aesthetic appeal. Textile stories.


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Comfortable and elegant, this black skirt with a decorative ribbon at the front Ele has a minimalist A-line cut and avant-garde elegance. It is made of a combination of three differently structured elasticised materials. It has no zip and is easy to put on. It has a decorative ribbon at the front which can be tied in a bow or worn free-falling. It can also be rotated in any way you like, and the strap can also be in the middle or at the back. The back is simply straight and opens slightly outwards, but the material is dropped so that it does not follow a strict line. It is easy to maintain, machine washable and can also be ironed up to 40 degrees Celsius, preferably on the inside. It is also possible to wear the belt higher up under the bust, so that the length is shorter and the figure comes to life in a different proportion.