Black and white gold decorative painting – 50 x 70cm

The wall decoration adds energy and style to any ambience and creates a mood. The decor chosen on the wall complements the existing style of the interior and changes the overall vibe of the room. The things you put on your walls are a reflection of your lifestyle and should capture your imagination. They can transport you to a fantasy world or remind you of what you find beautiful, funny. They can be a reason to start a conversation. Black and white gold decorative painting Start – 50 x 70cm is suitable for modern interiors.


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The decorative painting Starting is the support of the energy to move. It supports new choices, new activity, relationships, letting go of the old. The abstract image is a symbol of realisation and is made of two arches in black connected by a golden spiral. The elements are made of synthetic clay, the base canvas is pearl white, dimensions 50 x 70 cm. It can be hung vertically or horizontally, intertwining the vision (the eye) needed for the action (the wave).