Avant-garde powder brown loose minimalist dress Tena

This loose, minimalist dress Tena is made from a comfortable natural material and the clean lines give it a futuristic touch. It has an inventive avant-garde cut and suits both slim and full figures.
This elegant dress solves the time constraint and the puzzle of combining harmonious pieces of clothing, and allows you to go to work or to a formal event quickly, depending on your other accessories and footwear.


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Avant-garde powder brown loose minimalist dress Tena has a baggy cut with a futuristic touch. It is a comfortable, uniquely stylish dress made of compact viscose jersey. The fabric is elasticated and has a fine ribbed embossed pattern that is soft and falling but holds the line. The ribbon tie at the collar gives an accent of femininity. The cut is loose, but partially fitted across the bust, and finished with an avant-garde corner detail at the bottom. It also fits a fuller figure. The collar is defined by a black insert and the sleeves are finished with a black border. The tiny black bow at the end of the sleeve is a removable brooch that can be attached anywhere. This semi-sheer dress has no zip and the comfortable cut allows you to slip into it with ease. It is simple and straight at the back. Washing and ironing up to 40 degrees Celsius is recommended.