General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions apply from 1. 6.2 022 until revoked.

The visitor of the website (hereinafter referred to as the user) agrees to the terms and conditions set out below. The author Ines Drole, who operates the NANDA online shop (hereinafter referred to as the provider), reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions of the articles listed below without prior notice, which will be accessible at any time on this website, without further notice to users. In the event of a change to certain articles of the General Terms and Conditions, the change will be indicated by the date of the change at the bottom of the General Terms and Conditions and the article that has been changed.

The Articles on the Terms and Conditions are amended from time to time and the amendments are duly annotated with the date of the last amendment. If you continue to use our services, you will be deemed to have fully understood and accepted the changes.

The General Terms and Conditions of the online shop are drawn up on the basis of the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), the recommendations of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the international e-commerce codes and are in accordance with European legislation (Regulation (EU) 2016/697 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation) and the conventions of the Council of Europe (ETS No.108, ETS No.181, ETS No.185, ETS No.189), the national legislation of the Republic of Slovenia with the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1, Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No.94/07), the Act on Electronic Commerce on the Market (ZEPT, Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No.96/09 and 19/15) and others.


Ines Drole NANDA fashion designer, ODD

AJPES Reg.No:18577 (A6,B1)

Vogrsko 64 a, 5293 Volčja draga

Tel: 00386 (0)41 584 399


Use of the website

The user undertakes to use the website lawfully and in the event of abuse of these terms and conditions, the provider may temporarily or permanently (depending on the severity of the violation) deny access.

No contract or contractual relationship is created between the user and the provider by using the website. The User shall have no other obligations as a result of the use of the Website other than those set out in these Terms.

The Provider reserves the right to restrict access to the online shop, certain parts of the website or individual functionalities at any time (e.g. only for registered users or subscribers) or to make access subject to the fulfilment of certain conditions.

How to make a purchase

Find the product you want in the online shop and click on it. This will open a shopping menu called the shopping basket, where you will find more detailed information about the product, its composition, price, promotional prices, duration of the promotion(s), delivery costs, product sizes and stock. If you wish to have the same product in several sizes, you will need to complete/repeat the shopping cart entry process for each size.

In this step you need to specify the quantity and also the colour if the product is available in several colour combinations. If you enter nothing, one piece is automatically selected. Click on the basket to go to the next step of the purchase process.

If you want more products, you can continue your purchases (click on continue purchases) or complete your purchase (click on complete purchase).

If you have mistakenly missed the quantity or colour you want, click on the Edit link to update the quantity and continue with your purchase. If you didn’t select the correct quantity to begin with, you can correct it here in the Quantity box.

If you find that you do not want an item in your basket, you can remove it by clicking on the “Remove” icon on the far right. Here is the price of each product, the delivery charge. Clicking on Finish your purchase will take you to the next step. You can interrupt the purchase process at any time.

You must fill in the details for the invoice. Fields marked with an asterisk must be completed. If you do not fill in any of these fields correctly, the software will automatically warn you.

You can log in to the online shop as a registered user or as a guest. The content of the online shop is also accessible to anonymous users. Registered users provide the requested information during the registration process. Each registered user is given a username and password, which is kept secret. The user is obliged to ensure that his/her username and password are used exclusively by him/herself or by. by a person authorised by him or her. Each user is solely responsible for the content they enter on

The following technical steps are available to the user (buyer) during the purchase process:

– logging in and registering for the online shop using your email address and password

– search for a product in the product range in the online shop

– selecting a product to buy

– add a selected product to your shopping basket for purchase

– determining the quantity of a product to buy in your shopping basket

– view the price of the selected product in the selected quantity

– choice of delivery method (personal collection or postal collection)

– choice of payment method

– an overview of the order, with the delivery method chosen and the delivery charges, if any

– confirmation and award of the order, thus completing the purchase

All orders weighing less than 2 kg are sent by registered mail.

The price of postage is calculated in accordance with the Price List of Postal Services in Internal Traffic of the Post of Slovenia.

Product presentation

The provider will endeavour to keep the information provided online as up-to-date and correct as possible. However, product characteristics, delivery times and prices change, so there is a minimal chance that the supplier may not be able to correct the information on the website at the same time as the change. In such a case, the buyer will be informed of the changes and given the opportunity to cancel the order or to exchange the product ordered.

Images of products in the online shop or anywhere on the website are symbolic and do not guarantee their properties. The Supplier reserves the right to minor deviations between the descriptions and the actual characteristics of the products. The tenderer shall not be bound by the description of the product or the published price of the product if the description or price is the result of an error in the entry or if the incorrect description or price was made without the tenderer’s fault.

NANDA products are handmade and unique, with minimal variations between the colours of the actual products and the products in the photograph.

Product prices

Product prices are expressed in euros and do not include VAT (I am not a taxable person). All prices and any discounts are valid at the time of order. The provider reserves the right to change prices without prior notice.

Shipping costs are not included in the price of the product and are charged at the checkout upon completion of the order.

Payment method and delivery

On you can pay by bank transfer using the Stripe platform, which records the outflow directly into your bank account.

In the online shop it is also possible to pay by credit transfer to your TRR, once you have received a notification with all the relevant account details and the amount to be transferred.


All orders weighing less than 2 kg are sent by registered letter of the Slovenian Post. The price of postage is calculated in accordance with the Price List of Postal Services in Internal Traffic of the Post of Slovenia.

The supplier will send the products in stock to the specified address by Slovenia Post within 1-3 working days. It usually takes 1-2 days for products to travel with Post Slovenije.

In the case of made-to-order production and longer delivery times, the provider will inform the user by e-mail or telephone number provided at the time of order.

In the absence of the supplier, the latter undertakes to deliver the products ordered to the user within 45 days of the confirmation of the order by e-mail. The Provider shall not be liable for any delay in delivery if the delay is caused by other unforeseen events, whether external or within the Provider’s sphere.


For out-of-stock items, we guarantee a 30-day return period for goods purchased but not used. If you do not like the product and would like to return it, you can send it to Ines Drole NANDA, Vogrsko 64 a, 5293 Volčja draga.

In accordance with the provisions of Article 43. Article 14 of the Consumer Protection Act (ZvPot), the consumer has the right to notify the company within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the goods that he/she is withdrawing from the order/contract by sending an e-mail to the contact address, without giving a reason for his/her decision. A communication is considered timely if it is submitted within 14 days in writing or by email. The return shipment of the returned goods to Vogrsko 64 a, 5293 Volčja draga must be made within a further 30 days from the date of notification, and the Buyer shall bear the costs incurred in returning the goods.

In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the Seller shall refund all payments received for the products, excluding shipping costs, no later than 7 days after receipt of the returned goods. The product must be unused, undamaged and in its original undamaged packaging with all accompanying documentation. The Tenderer is not obliged to accept consignments with ransom or consignments that do not comply with the Tenderer’s General Terms and Conditions. All packages sent to our address with cash on delivery will be rejected and sent to the sender’s address. Postage is at the sender’s expense.

Personalised and made-to-order products can’t be rejected by the client. The client does not have the right to withdraw from a contract where the subject of the contract is an item that has been manufactured according to the client’s precise instructions, i.e. tailored to his personal needs and specific preferences (customised length, width, different choice of goods, colour, print, personalised products, etc.).

If the buyer returns the product, it has already been used and is not suitable for resale for hygiene reasons, the seller can claim compensation.

Returning an item

Returns can be made by submitting an invoice:

1. If your product has developed a fault that is not caused by your misuse or. the fault is not caused by your action, you can send us a claim to make a complaint. Send your request to .

Please explain the reason for your complaint as clearly as possible by email so that we can resolve it as quickly and easily as possible. Please include your details (name, address and surname) and a contact number so that we can keep you informed about the progress of the complaint.

3. Send the product to Ines Drole, Vogrsko 64a, 5293 Volčja draga. Please enclose a copy of your invoice, your details and a description of the product’s defect. Please pack the product in suitable protective packaging to ensure that it remains undamaged.

4. The product complained about, together with all the relevant documentation, will be examined and you will be informed as soon as possible of the next steps to be taken. It is possible to repair the product, replace the product or refund the purchase price including shipping costs incurred at the time of ordering.

Exclusion of liability

The Provider makes no warranty that the content published on the Website is accurate, complete or correct and shall not be liable for any damage caused to the User as a result of reliance on the content published. In no case may the content published on the website be considered an offer within the meaning of the Code of Obligations.

The Provider makes no warranty as to the performance or availability of the Website and shall not be liable for any damage caused to the User as a result of the Website being unavailable or not working or not working properly.

The Provider shall not be liable for any damage to the User’s hardware, software or other equipment that may result from the use of the Website. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the equipment used to access the website is properly protected (antivirus, etc.).

Product images are for illustrative and informative purposes only and may vary slightly from the actual goods supplied.

Intellectual property right

The entire content of the website, regardless of the form in which it is expressed, is protected by copyright. The copyright holder of the published content is Ines Drole or the person explicitly indicated as such in the content.

All copyright is reserved to the respective holders. In no event shall the publication of content on the Website be construed as a waiver of any copyright in the content of the Website.

Any use of any content published on the website for any purpose other than for the user’s personal viewing is prohibited without the express prior written permission of the provider or the copyright holder. It is also prohibited to use the content in such a way that the entire website is integrated into another website. A breach may result in criminal liability and liability for damages.

Out-of-court dispute resolution

In accordance with the legal norms, the Provider does not recognise any out-of-court consumer dispute resolution provider as competent to resolve a consumer dispute that a consumer may bring under the Act on the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes. Ines Drole, as an online retailer of goods in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, publishes on its website an electronic link to the Online Consumer Dispute Resolution Platform (ODRP). The platform is available to consumers at the following address:

These rules are based on the Law on Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes, Regulation (EU) No. 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No. 2016/2004 and Directive 2009/22/EC.

Protection and processing of personal data

The owner of the NANDA online shop is Ines Drole and she is obliged to protect the personal data of her users in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1-UPB1).

Privacy policy and cookies

The Provider uses cookies only to collect information relating to the use of the website and to optimise its internet advertising activities, to allow the user to access all the information on the site and to allow the Provider to recognise your computer the next time you visit the website. Advertising cookies track an individual’s use of the provider’s website unless the individual does not consent to the use of cookies on the site.

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by sending an e-mail to, as well as changing your personal data (e-mail address, physical address, telephone number).

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