Ines Drole NANDA ~ fashion designer

I am a freelance fashion designer, but fashion is not my only inspiration. I express myself through different media, liberating liberating content of the creative process itself encourages my innovative modus operandi. I explore different materials, but textiles are my favorite. I look for emotions in the universal pool of creative ideas to reinterpret them in my own way. I go after the pleasure of metamorphosis into a refined balance of aesthetics and visceral sensuality, as allowed by the specificity of a certain material, be it clothing or textile interior decoration.


june 2023- BIEN Textile Art Biennale – GONG Gallery, Nova Gorica, SLO

Feb. 2023- Giesse Scampoli textile decoration exhibition, Gorizia, ITA

dec. 2022- textile decor exhibition Parfumerija Samantha, Nova Gorica, SLO

September 2022 – exhibition of the textile and light installation Parfum, Intra lighting gallery, Ljubljana, SLO

Sept. 2022 – creation of the website

august 2022 – exhibition of designer curtains NANDA, Manufaktura, Nova gorica, SLO

Nov. 2018- Fall Artist residency CA Zanardi, Venice, Italy

april 2017- Wikiarte galleria Bolognia, group exhibition, Italy

march 2016-CA Zanardi, artistic residence Venice, Italy

sept. 2015- MR. Love, Seattle Erotic Festival, Seattle, USA

2014 – Teranga, Komen,international art festival Komen, group exhibition, SLO

apr. 2012 -‘ Intimate portrait’, group exibition, Las Vegas, USA

jun 2009-Is that you Eva? 2.part, Coronini gallery, Šempeter, SLO

nov 2008-Is that you Eva?-fashion installation, House of culture Šmartno, SLO

may 2008- Forest nymph, fashion performance, Pikol, Nova Gorica, SLO

nov. 2006 –Dresscode : passion, fashion performance, Mostovna, Nova Gorica,

nov. 2007 – “Love is of all colors” – exhibition with texts, Medana , SLO

nov 2005 – Jupiter and Junona, A.Gradnika gallery, Medana ,SLO

dec. 2004 – I’m a woman, I love myself, I hate myself, group exhibition, Castle museum , Gorizia, ITA

nov. 2004 – Mirror on the wall, unique mirrors, Ambient shop gallery, Nova Gorica, SLO

dec. 2003 – Love is falling from the sky, you don’t need an umbrella, collage , Cultural center NG, SLO

may. 2002 – Buskalice, retrospection, collage, Tower of Kojsko, Goriška brda, SLO

may 2001 – I give it to you, collage, Odeon, Nova Gorica

june 2000 – Zodiak, collage, PDG theatre auditorium, Nova Gorica, SLO

oct. 2000 – Alterego – collage, Marcus lounge, Nova Gorica, SLO

april 1999 – International exhibition,collage, Fiera d’arte internazionale, Udine, ITA

mar. 1999 – Around toward infinity, collage, atelier Ingo ingeniring, NG, SLO

apr. 1998 – Around toward infinity, collage, Ambasada Gavioli, Izola, SLO

mar. 1998 – Around toward infinity, collage, Manor house Vogrsko, SLO

feb.1998 – Winter night queen, Ambasada Gavioli, Izola, SLO

oct. 1996 – Showroom, AVC, Nova Gorica, SLO

june 1996 – Golden door-drawings, AVC Nova Gorica , SLO

may 1995 – Fashion illustration, Odeon, Nova Gorica; SLO

may 1994 – Smirnoff competition, Križanke, Ljubljana, SLO

dec. 1993 – Fashion collage, FNT university Ljubljana, SLO

dec. 1993 – Urbanaria, fashion installation, NUK Ljubljana, SLO

nov. 1993 – Fashion collage-fairyland, Community hall, Nova Gorica; SLO

oct. 1993 – Fashion collage-fairyland, Castle of Vipolže, Goriška Brda, SLO

jun. 1993 – Smirnoff competition, Magistrat Ljubljana, SLO

dec. 1992- Fashion collage, The castle of Vipolže, Slovenia

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